Rock & Bird is a family run art supply shop which offers a wide range of artistic mediums and materials, creative toys and crafting kits, and books to help aspiring artists find their inspiration and hone their skills. Local illustrator and printmaker Julia Zeller-Jacques took over the shop in 2018, and has worked to make it a key part of North Berwick’s thriving high street.
In addition to supplying North Berwick’s many enthusiastic artists with paints, papers and other supplies, Rock & Bird exhibits and sells the work of local artists, and supports art classes and drop-in sessions for everything from calligraphy to pebble-painting .

The team at Rock & Bird is proud to have helped to support its customers throughout the pandemic by offering home delivery. The classes have taken us longer to restart then we had hoped; what with one thing and another, but we will be working towards a better 2022 and hope to start some classes once more.